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Offshore Investment Banking
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Founded in 1997, THE WALL STREET ORGANIZATION, INC.®, (WSO) has an impressive track record of providing clients with the financial consulting services they need. Our services include but are not limited to Capital Formation, Financial Advertising, Merger's and Acquisitions, and Financial Instruments. We are equipped to assist companies in a wide range of industries with a wide range of funding requirements. Contact us to find out how we can  serve your business today!

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The Wall Street Organization, Inc.®, (WSO) has been retained to coordinate the formation of the MAG 7 REIT, a $100 Million Real Estate Investment Trust. Government budget shortfalls have created an opportunity in the government sale lease-back real estate, and the housing crisis in the USA has created a demand for rental housing. The core opportunity lies in procuring government properties and meeting the increased demand for rental housing.

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Financial Packaging | Capital Formation | Financial Advertising

The Wall Street Organization, Inc.®, (WSO) is a boutique private financial packaging company, specializing in financial services consulting and the coordination of capital formation through Regulation S and Regulation D Private Placements, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Financial Advertising and Marketing. We can assist your company in identifying the appropriate financial instrument to meet your unique fund raising needs and then we can guide you through every step of completing the transaction, from due diligence to wholesaling the transaction to our network of Broker-Dealers, Institutional Funding Groups, and Accredited Investors both onshore and offshore.

Since 1997, the WSO has built an exemplary track record providing financial consulting to our clients and producing top quality professional financial packages for presentation to funding sources. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and ability to navigate the complicated pitfalls of capital formation to guide our clients to find the right kind of funding to meet their unique needs.

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Building Relationships

Financial Relationships with Dubai InvestorsThe Wall Street Organization, Inc.® has an extensive International track record having worked with companies all over the world.

Stephen M. Cole, Chairman of the The Wall Street Organization, Inc.®company, has spent significant time in cultivating global funding sources in numerous European countries and the Middle East.

Raising Seed Money

Gisser Automotive Private Placement MemorandumThe WSO worked with Gisser Auto Concepts to launch a highly successful Private Placement Memorandum to raise the seed money necessary to begin production of their limited edition MEC4 Super Exotic Sports Coupe.

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