New York, New York July 1, 2011

Due to the compelling investment opportunity in multifamily rental communities and the government sale lease-back market, The Wall Street Organization, Inc.®, (WSO) has been retained to coordinate the securities packaging of a proposed $100 million real estate investment trust, referred to as the MAG 7 Real Estate Investment Trust, (REIT). Governmental budget shortfalls have created an opportunity in the government sale lease-back real estate market, and the housing crisis in the United States has created a societal demand for affordable rental housing.

The core opportunity lies in procuring government sale lease-back properties and meeting the increased demand for affordable rental housing. The goal of the MAG 7 REIT is security and preservation of capital. With the skills, experience and recognition that the WSO commands, our objective is to assist the MAG 7 REIT in forming a management team and acquiring governmental (state and municipal) assets for lease-back and multifamily apartment communities. We anticipate an above average cash-flow return and a substantial increase in the value of investment assets. Spearheading the formation of a highly qualified, well-credentialed business team, the WSO is selectively seeking members with unique attributes and skills that would enhance the Fund’s performance. There is a “Perfect Storm” of circumstances occurring in the current real estate marketplace. We are at the point where opportunity and preparation converge to allow investment objectives to become reality.