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WSO Announces M&A Intent

Tucson, Arizona (December 27, 2012) The Wall Street Organization, Inc.® (WSO), a private boutique investment bank founded in 1997 (, has announced the Company's intent to pursue a Merger and/or Acquisition. As it is the goal of The Wall Street Organization, Inc. (WSO) to be acquired by or to merge with a public or private company, Walter Antonell, Senior VP of M&A for WSO has been tasked with coordinating this process. With a 30 year track record in Mergers and Acquisitions, Mr. Antonell has the experience and knowledge to guide WSO through the many pitfalls associated with Mergers and Acquisitions, and consummate an equitable deal for all parties involved. 

The painstaking search to identifying appropriate candidates to acquire or merge with the WSO began with the creation of a Strategic Business Plan in which Mr. Antonell outlined the strategy to increase revenue by acquisition. The creation of this Strategic Business Plan has allowed the WSO to clearly identify the Company's business objectives and the critical success factors for the acquisition of the WSO. At this time the WSO has ensured that all ongoing programs and projects are aligned with the Strategic Business Plan.

 A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis has been completed and the results are included in the Strategic Business Plan. The WSO is seeking to identify an M&A candidate whose strengths complement those of the WSO to meet the Company's financial and business objectives. Another important factor in the final decision as to whether a candidate is viable is the business culture of the target company as change adds significant risk during M&A implementation. 

With Mr. Antonell's guidance the WSO will be taking the following steps to complete a successful Merger and/or Acquisition by another company: 

Due Diligence - an intensive investigation of a candidate into the details of a potential investment, merger, or acquisition. The Wall Street Organization, Inc. has assembled a comprehensive illustrative list of potentially relevant documents and information for both the WSO and the candidate company. Once a candidate has been identified WSO will examine their documentation to confirm that they are a good match. 

M&A Program / Project Implementation Process – a joint effort of an integrated project team including members of the WSO and the candidate company. The integrated project team will utilize enterprise level software such as Microsoft Project to plan, monitor and execute the project plan of determining the appropriate final level of integration for the two companies: 

Full Integration - The full integration of company A with company B to turn into company C with all business objectives achieved. Full integration requires that the best of the two (functions, systems, cultures) will survive, savings and reductions will apply, duplications will be eliminated, and policies and processes will change. 

Stand Alone Unit - The acquisitions business objective for a stand alone unit is for the acquired company to operate independently under the corporate umbrella and strategically add revenue to the corporation. The only changes required will be in the roll up of the financials and the chart of accounts to reflect the added revenue streams. 

Partial Integration - A partial integration is for the acquired company to integrate some functions with the acquiring company and leave other functions as they currently exist. For example (from publishing): Keep the publishing functions and staff independent under their current name, and only integrate fulfillment which consists of IT, Production, Distribution, Purchasing, Marketing, Order Processing, and Sales Administration. These functions will be centralized and fall under the M&A policies for full integration.